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We love startups and growing companies, and helping them. When legal & regulatory complexity becomes such that entrepreneurs cannot afford to find out what their legal obligations are, we - as in the society and economy - we have a problem. If nobody is supposed to ignore the law, then the regulators have a duty to actually help people navigate the law by making the information available and accessible, by talking to each other, solving conflicting rules and requirements, and encouraging compliance via education, dialogue, outreach and best practices. 

In the virtual assets space, everyone knows this isn't going to happen anytime soon, but we can all do our part - companies and projects by being diligent and inquisitive, and specialists by thought leadership and growing the accessible body of knowledge. Serious entrepreneurs want to build things that work and last, because growth takes time. 

Crypto-Funds Navigator

A companion guide to the Cayman Islands growing crypto-funds industry. 


Raising Funds 

Venture capital / private equity capital is not free money, and it usually comes with a lot of strings attached. It's incredibly useful in the scaling phase, but a small business would be better served gaining customers.

Raising Funds.png

Road to Decentralization

DeFi and DAOs are now common jargon in the virtual assets space, but the road to decentralization is a long and meandering thing. 

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