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Strategy & Structuring

Today's businesses are global.

Looking to multiple jurisdictions and/or structures but not certain what would be best for your business or team? We can provide you with a snapshot of the advantages and/or disadvantages for each jurisdiction. We are also working with tax and legal firms which will be able to promptly assist.

Regulatory Health Check

No business exists in a vacuum.

We can help you navigate the multi-jurisdictional regulatory and compliance waters, so that your business may safely grow. We can show you how to turn compliance into a competitive advantage, rather than just bear it like a necessary evil. But to get there, you first need to understand where you are right now. Our Regulatory Health Check Package takes care of that, and comes with a free action plan to remedy any areas where you may be at risk.

Due Diligence Investigations

Abundance requires diligence.

Trained to find issues and risks, we have years of experience working with Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds and all sorts of businesses for due diligence investigations. We can show you how to add more value by addressing vulnerabilities in advance - in some cases, it's just a matter of risk allocation. Our standard package comes with a list of potential red flags and also helpful suggestions on how to address the risks identified.

Roadmap & Interface

Project management is not a want, it's a need.

One of the biggest pain points for a lot of startups is project management. Many teams just don't have the initial capabilities to deal with a multitude of professional service providers in an efficient way, and wrongly assume that a law firm would be able to lead. But lawyers cannot get mixed into business, it's a liability issue, and in most cases their business model doesn't allow them to spend a lot of time on operational issues or back-and-forth with the team.

This is where we can add a lot of value.

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