About Our Business

Creative Solutions

At JB Advisory Services, we decided to forget about traditional models. We are brand new, both in our approach and in our value proposition. We are here to provide software solutions and advisory services to companies wishing to become more active in the domain of FinTech and blockchain technologies or companies investing in this space. We are ready to help you not only survive the current crisis, but thrive in the future. If you are an existing business struggling to reinvent itself or a brand new start-up project with a good value proposition but strapped for cash, reach out.

We can help. 


Our Value Proposition

Top talent, fully dedicated to your project, 100% part of the team.

Between the current crisis and the rapidly changing regulatory environment, important resources get diverted from building your business. Our software solutions and dedicated project consultants help you take back your time and save your money, while ensuring that you remain compliant of your legal obligations. No business exists in a regulatory vacuum, not even in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

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Initial Review and Value Proposition

Every business and project needs a health check.
Ours is 100% painless.

JB Advisory Services SEZC is part of Cayman Enterprise City and actively supports the growing blockchain, FinTech and digital ecosystem in the Cayman Islands. JB stands for JupiterBlock, in relation to our affiliate JupiterBlock LLC, which is incorporated in Wyoming and active in the United States.

We are just at the beginning of an extraordinary journey which will see blockchain technology completely revamp the existing financial systems all over the world.