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Technology offers a unique opportunity to connect in a new way. Virtual assets and blockchain projects are transnational, reuniting creators and entrepreneurs around the globe. However, the greater potential is to unite industries and people from different backgrounds, into what could be the greatest vertical integration (ideation to delivery), and decentralization (stakeholders collaborating in real time).

Yet, the greatest challenge is not the technology, but breaking down silos - us vs. them - mindsets. It's enabling people to adopt a systems , design and critical thinking approach, to understand what doesn't work well and what needs to shift. We are all co-creators of the same worlds. 

NFT Sandbox

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are here to stay. We decided to test the waters ourselves.

NFT Sandbox.png

The Creator Economy

The Creator Economy is the fastest growing worldwide, in line with the Web3 movement. 

Creator Economy.png

The Metaverse 

What are some good use cases for the Metaverse and how can we shape things.

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