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We believe that businesses should be built to provide the greatest value, and that money follows value.

This company is a Covid-19 baby. It was built out of adversity, resilience, and the insight not to let a good crisis go to waste. While the idea of it was born a long time ago, somewhere between Paris and London, and it matured between New York and the Cayman Islands, it is Covid-19 that told us that the time was now. Now, because we can provide the best value for money and we are willing to learn from our clients and take some risks. The introductory packages we offer were designed from this mindset. We believe in value by design and continuous improvement, so if you have suggestions, please reach out! We offer freebies and discounts to all who help us improve our business model.

Introductory Session

This is a frank discussion about if and how we can help your company or project. We get to know your project, and we'll offer suggestions and a value proposition. For this Introductory Session to have the most value, we'll both have to do some homework. The good news? It's free.

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Regulatory & Compliance Health Check

If you have been operating in the digital space for a while, you know that laws and regulations have changed constantly over the last few years. With new requirements in each and every jurisdiction and also at the international level, your company or investment fund may be at risk. It's time for a health check! This one is not free, but we are offering discounted packages.

Due Diligence Package

Everything is now connected, and one bad actor or acquisition can impact your entire business or your fund's investors. In addition to regulatory requirements and compliance obligations, it is simply good sense to investigate, especially taking into account that virtual assets service providers (VASPs) are simply more at risk. Trust, but verify. It's not a free package, but there are three possible options, from "red flag" only, to "red flag & remedies", to full DD report.

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Cayman Compliant Resources

This Summer, we tried to make regulation & compliance easier to read in our Cayman Compliant Series.

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Economic Substance 3.0

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Private Funds investing in FinTech, Digital Assets, and Blockchain Technologies


Anti-Money Laundering Requirements for Virtual Assets Service Providers (VASPs)

Cayman is no longer just about the beach or offshore funds. Many digital assets and blockchain innovators have chosen to live and build from here to benefit from an incredible lifestyle, a hub of growth and safety in the middle of a Covid-19 world and many other advantages. But if you are an asset manager or an IP-intensive business, you need to read about Economic Substance 3.0 to make sure you are doing things right.

Big talk about institutional investors getting more into digital assets and blockchain start-ups. Make it easy for them to gain trust in this space by being mindful of your compliance duties. The Cayman Islands have recently upgraded their regulatory framework for increased transparency, investor protection, and to comply with international standards.

A lot of excitement going on regarding adoption of digital assets and blockchain or distributed ledger technologies, which means that now is the best time for a quick read of the specific AML/CFT obligations for VASPs. If you are building something, have your foundations be solid.


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